New Videos and My Poland/ Latvia Tour is Coming Up!

Yo yo yo

Been submerging myself in the wacked-out world of Mitch Hedberg recently. A comedian who died ten years ago at the viscious hands of Heroin and Coke (don’t do drugs, kids). Hilarious comic full of non-sequitors, one-liners and one-offs. Asute observer of the absurdities of the human condition. I highly suggest you listen to/ watch his comedy. He’s all over YouTube.

Aside from that, I’ve been getting used to my new keyboard. It’s pretty awesome, I must say. I’ve been inspired to write a few new songs.

And this week I finally take off for my LATVIA/ POLAND tour. Wish me luck. I’ll post vlogs and shit about the whole experience.

Don’t forget, both of my albums are available on bandcamp. Feel free to pick them up so you can dance around the house/ in the car/ in the backyard…

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