“Graveyard Eyes” Music Video Day #2

Today was the second day of the video shoot. Woke up. Cleaned the house top to bottom. The filmmakers came over (late, but they’re artists too so I understand. Time is illusion and all that. Me? On time? Hahahahahahahahaha).
Yeah, I’m PUNKtual.

I was dragged up stairs. I was scrubbed in a bathtub. Girls in black danced around while I lay on a table…

And a heart attack while jogging. Ouch.

OKAY! Fuck it. No more. I can’t reveal any more secrets of this video. Stop trying to drag it out of me!

Here is one from yesterday:

stephen butterfly

Photo by Kiryl Sinkou

Here are a few more:

dancing girls jo, mirah and spt spt gravemaddy graveyard

Photos by Jo Langdon and Maddy Murray


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