My Girl is Gone and I’m Depressed

I don’t know what to write anymore.
I am constantly censoring myself. Too personal. Too political. Too radical.
I feel stunted.
But there is so much you can’t say. If I had a bad show, I can’t go online and complain about the venue. It’s seen as “in poor taste” and “public shaming”.
I just have to suck it up. Every experience – suck that shit up.

I have to eat crow all the time.

Today I deactivated my fucking facebook account. How long? I dunno. I tell myself a week. I think I can stick to that.

I feel like I’ve somehow fucked things up in my life. I’m standing around looking at the pieces and feeling like a fucking waste.

Maybe now I can write songs… write something at least.

Maybe I can write something about this love hiatus I seem to be on…

Call it “Love Hiatus”.



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